Download 2000 Rupees Note Scan App & Watch Narendra Modi Speech on Black Money

Hello guys, I’m back to you with a new app that arise these days is more viral. Whose real name is Modi Keynote app but everybody is doing something on Google and search like – “2000 Note App, 2000 note scan app, app for 2000 note, modi 2000 note app, Modi App, app to check 2000 note, app to scan 2000 note, 2000 rupees scan app, how to scan 2000 note, modi app for 2000 note and much more.

2000 Note Scan AppSo guys I was telling you about 2000 Rupees note app that this app is how the app works, or how the 2000 scans. The first app to let him tell you “2000 ka note app” only for fun and entertainment purpose only.

Note :- This app is just for fun. Not intended to check whether fake or original note.

You can also see my previous post about ” NM App (Narendra Modi Official App) : Share Your Opinion Directly From The Prime Minister” it means with this app Lets You ‘Share Your Opinion’ About Demonetisation Directly From The Prime Minister.

My friends, as if to say, these apps do not download the app useless. I am already has downloaded this app and I love that the app was useless. The new notes of Rs 2000 which is the app you can scan it and watch Narendra Modi Speech on Black money.

So guys, now I am going to tell you how you lead can download the app and how to scan 2000 rupees note? Just follow the some simple steps below :-

How to Download 2000 note scan app?

Steps to Download Modi 2000 Note App :-

  1. Download the 2000 Rupees Note App Using Google Play Store Here.
  2. you can also Download the Apk Version Using 9Apps Click Here.
  3. Install & Open the app in your android mobile phone.
  4. As soon as you install the app, you will find “Arrow” of the scan.
  5. Now, Click on “Arrow”.
  6. After that, You can scan by putting on the table is the 2000 notes.

That’s it!! If you like the app will scan Note, then you can easily watch Narendra Modi Speech on Black money.

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