500-1000 closing notes, The biggest advantage is Paytm! Learn how?

500-1000 closing notes, The biggest advantage is Paytm! Learn how? Once band the big notes, cashless payment facility the company has Paytm is then caught Lottery. This morning on the front page of the newspaper advertising Paytm, Paytm with photos of smiling PM wrote that 15 million people will use Paytm.

500-1000 closing notes, The biggest advantage is Paytm! Learn how?November 8 at 8 pm, P.M. Narendra Modi has announced the closure of 500-1000 notes. In the cash market, the business struggled but Paytm brightened. Paytm which a company can pay you from the mobile app. Its popularity has increased so much that the auto on to say that the taxi driver from the Gospel Paytm give money to. Mother Dairy Delhi NCR and successful milk store, bought vegetables can also Paytm payment.

After the cash problems of people moved toward Paytm. Within hours of the announcement of PM Paytm 200 per cent increase in the number of app downloads. The number of cashless transactions through Paytm Ipement or 250 per cent. Paytm allows you to store your credit card account number Paytm your stay. Frequently there is no hassle of filling card details. 30 per cent increase in the number of store card details. A thousand times more money per car Paytm filled. 435 per cent increase in the number of people who either paid or free app and updated account.

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Overall, the Prime Minister announced the company’s fortunes changed Paytm. The figure of 15 million users today Paytm given his own advertising. That is why the PM thanked Paytm two-page advertisement with photos of the prime minister fired.

Earlier Reliance Jio PM photos have been published in the advertisement. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today Paytm seeing ads accusing the government was big. They charge 500, 1000 note of the decision to close Paytm most benefited.

So guys, do you just downloaded Paytm App HereAnd easily make your payments.

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