Bhim app not working in Your mobile phone? Here is Complete Solution

Bhim app not working in Your mobile phone? Here is Complete Solution. Are you One of them who are facing Bhim App not working Problem then You don’t have to Worry because here I come up with Simple solution or Troubleshooting process that will helps you.

PM Narendra Modi’s big announcement for the day was the BHIM app, short for Bharat Interface for Money. Which is currently available for Android smartphone.

Bhim App is Undoubtedly most Useful to those smartphone users who wants to send or pay money on mobile Phone . It was working Very Smoothly for most of android users but still most of users face Some unknown Error like – Biding OTP Error (Transaction Declined), Transaction Declined Error, We did not get a notification from the bank , Try latter .

Is Bhim app not working in Your mobile phone? Here is Complete Solution

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You Can check all errors that the Bhim App users are facing now days :-

  • Biding OTP Error (Binding Failed Error).
  • Did not get a notification from the bank.
  • Mobile Number Verification Problem.
  • Transaction Declined Error.
  • Unable to Login & Register.
  • No internet is available Please check your internet connection and try again.
  • Unable to Connect please Connect to the Network.

So guys, if you have the same problem, it does not matter, in this post I am going to tell you all the Solution of Problems.

How To Fix Bhim App Not Working Errors?

First I’m going to tell you about the Biding OTP Error (Binding Failed Error), That’s how you can fix it.

Mostly, users with Dual SIM Phones are facing this Device Binding Failed problem. All you need to do is, change the SIM you are using to Register BHIM App to ‘SIM Slot 1’. After that, uninstall the BHIM App and Reinstall it again.

That’s it!! The problem you will not have again.

Did not get a notification from the bank error :-

However, we did not get a notification from the bank, informing us whether the process was underway or the verification was successful. But as we tried out the app just hours after its roll-out, it’s too early to pass any judgement.

How to Fix OTP Error in BHIM App?

Most of all this is happening with people are not receiving OTP. The reason for this is high load on the servers. We recommend you to use the app during late night hours or early morning hours to fix this issue & Another addition is the Reason, Bhim’s app the Android version does not work, as I will tell you my point of marshmallows in my smartphone version, so my phone is not working on it.

Bhim app now, Android (version 8 and above) and iOS (version 5 and above) can be downloaded for mobiles equipped. Soon we will launch it on other platforms.

Note – The Redmi Note 3 and several smartphone, which it is not working, because the Bhim app 8.o Android or above demand is up.

How to Fix Mobile Number Verification Problem?

If you are still facing the issue with Mobile Number Verification issue, please wait for the next version of the app to be released. Now, Modi’s team is working on it.

How to Solve ‘Transaction Declined’ Error in Bhim App?

Almost all Users Getting Transaction Declined Error. where when they select a bank, the screen shows this error message showing ‘Transaction Declined’. To solve this, yYou have to refresh the BHIM App and release the RAM.

It’s the solution – Just exit the BHIM App and re-start once again. Open the BHIM App, Enter Passcode and choose your bank name.

That’s it!! Now you can easily without any trouble Transaction will be done.

So friends, I think I mentioned to you about “Bhim App Not Working” full details in this post, If you any query & question about BHIM App so please mention in a comment section. I will try to give you better information.


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