(#2 Tricks) How to Convert 2g, 3g Sim to 4g in Airtel?

How to convert my old sim to 4G, Airtel 4G SIM Card, Activation Process :- Hello friends, here I am going to tell you some simple ways to upgrade your existing (Old) SIM to 4G Network. Upgrade to the new 4G SIM and Get the SIM delivered for free at your doorstep. Bharti Airtel Limited is an Indian global telecommunications services company has launched its 4G services across 296 cities in India. Just Upgrade your existing (Old) 3G SIM to Airtel 4G & Use high speed Internet in your Mobile phone & device.

Airtel Subscribers need to change their old SIM to 4G SIM in order to use 4G on their supported smartphone. That’s why Airtel has started a process using which Airtel customers can swap their Existing SIM to new 4G ready SIM very easily.

After upgrading your Existing Sim, You can also see my recently update post about Airtel 4G Offer : Get Free 2GB 4G Data on Upgrading SIM To 4G Networkwhere the best telecom service provider is offering only for its user, Make sure you have airtel 4G user who upgrade existing sim to 4G network.

So friends How to Activate or Upgrade Airtel 4G SIM Card step by steps? Just follow the steps below :-

AIrtel 4G SIM Card (2)

Trick #1 : How to Activate (Upgrade) Airtel 4G SIM Card?

Step by Step :

  1. Step 1 → Firstly of all Airtel customer (Both Prepaid & Postpaid) Visit www.airtel.in/4g/sim-swap Here.
  2. Step 2 → Enter your name, Your Current 3g or 2 g enabled mobile number & Enter Your Email id Too if you have.
  3. Step 3 → Now fill up your shipping address, Enter your complete address with Pin-code to help us locate your address and deliver the SIM.
  4. Step 4 → Now Click on “SEND ME A 4G SIM”.

That’s it!! 🙂

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Trick #2 : How to Convert Airtel 2G, 3G SIM into 4G By Sending A Message?
  1. Step 1 → Firstly open your mobile phone and go to your message box.
  2. Step 2 → Now send an SMS<space>20 dihit SIM Number to 121.

    Note :- 20 digit SIM number will be printed on the back of the SIM or on the SIM Pack

  3. Step 3 → You’ll get an SMS frome Airtel acknowledging the swap request.
  4. Step 4 → Now reply with 1 to conform.

That’s it!! Now wait for few to 10 minutes while your old Airtel SIM gets disconnected from the network, once thet happens insert the new 4G ready SIM into your phone.

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After swapping your existing Airtel SIM to the new 4G ready SIM, You can surf the best internet on 4G LTE. 🙂

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