(10 Simple Steps) How to Transfer Paytm Money (Cash) to Bank Account

Transfer Paytm Cash to Bank Account :- Hello friends, 500-1000 Notes after the close, the biggest beneficiary is the Paytm. Today,  Every people want to Apply for Paytm, but the love that people have no idea how to be transferred in the bank account to cash in Paytm. So don’t worry, In this Simple Tutorial you will learn “How to Transfer Paytm Money to Bank Account”. So guys, read this post till the last :-

Before the Paytm cash transfer to bank account on it was 4% charge, But the charge was reduced Paytm, now Paytm cash transfer on the bank account will be charged only 1%. So guys here i’m going to tell you 10 Simple steps, Which lets you can easily transfer your Paytm cash in the bank account. Just follow the steps below :-

How to Transfer Paytm Money to Bank Account

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Steps to Transfer Paytm Money to Bank :-

10 Simple Steps :-

Step 1 → Download The Paytm App Here.

Step 2 → Install & Open the Paytm App.

Step 3 → Login & Sign Up your account on Paytm.

Step 4 → Tap the Pay or “Send” icon.

Step 5 → Tap the “Send to Bank” option.

Step 6 → Enter the Name you want to give to this beneficiary.

Step 7 → Enter the “Account Number”.

Step 8 → Now, Enter the IFSC code of the branch. You can get the IFSC code by tapping the Get IFSC and selecting your bank and branch.

Step 9 → Enter the amount as much as you want to send (No min. & Max. Rs.25000 per month).

Step 10 → You can also enter the reason for sending money, however this is optional (Any of reason as you wish) & Click on “Send”.

That’s it!! Your money will be successfully transferred to the bank account within minutes.

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